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I just got tired of searching and searching every time I needed to find something else about boating, so I decided to make my own site. This has all the information I wanted to get to quickly for review, relearning, and taking action. When I need to remember something about how to fix my boat or upgrade my boat I just put it here and I always know where to find it. I decided to put it on the internet to make it easily accessible and I will update it regularly with information I want to have on hand. So; it’s a work in constant progress but open for public to view, comment on, and offer suggestions. You might find something helpful here. If not, sorry to waste your time. Let me know what you missed and maybe I’ll put it up for us both to have access to it. Always willing to help a fellow boater. I’m not a professional anything and never claim to be, so take everything you read here with a grain of salt. I like to enjoy life, so if you have something hateful or negative to say you can just leave it at the door because I’m not going to pay any attention to it. I like to say what I feel and hold strong to my beliefs and while it’s ok if we see things differently, it’s not ok for you to expect anything more than a smile from me and I’ll expect the no less than the same from you. Anything else is just a bonus. Fair winds and following seas. 

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