Boat Grilling

​In most cases, grilling on a boat is no different than grilling at home, with the exception of a moving platform and sometimes, limited grill space. Still, there is something magical about food prepared on a grill while boating! It just tastes better and gets the galley chef up onto the deck. Good vibes all around.

Below are grilling techniques we've used and some we are passing on from fellow boater recommendations. Included are links to recipes we've prepared while out on the water and some special ones passed on from friends.

Also remember that many recipies that require baking can be prepared on  a covered grill when the oven isn't an options or you decide to change things up again. The trick is monitoring baking time, tuypically shorter in teh covered grill than recommended time in the oven due to higher temps. It does take practice, so don't get discouraged if things don't workout exactly as planned.


Boat grilling requires a few extra precautions due to the moving deck, flammable surroundings, and tight spaces typically found around a boat grill. 

  1. Always grill above deck and in open space, never in the cabin. Carbon monoxide kills on a boat just like on land.
  2. When using a charcoal grill, always mount it so it sits over water, not your deck. Hot ashes that fall will cause damage and possibly a fire.
  3. Make sure the grill is mounted very securily before using. Mounted grills are always better than portable and camping style grills that may slide around or tip over.
  4. Never leave your grill unattended. Also keep a method of fire control close by; a fire extinguisher, fire bucket, or fire blanket all work. Fire on a boat is much worse than fire on land. You can't run for help.
  5. Wear grill-safe clothes. Be especially careful of wearing baggy or loose clothes, bikini wraps, or towels; all of which may catch fire if inadvertently blown close to the fire while grilling.


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