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Make Ahead Breakfast BurritosBy CaptBradThis is great when served beside freshly scrambled eggs and top everything with grated cheddar cheese. When you want a breakfast burrito, just pull a bag of "fixings" out of the freezer and dump into a microwave safe bowl and heat, then dump into a warmed tortilla. Alternatively, you can spray a piece of foil with cooking spray, dump the fixings bag onto it, fold and seal, heat on a grill and then dump into a warmed tortilla for a wonderfully hot breakfast burrito. You can get creative with the fillings in the bags, add green pepper, bacon, etc., even hot sauce prior to freezing if desired. Heating the filling separate from the tortilla and then wrapping together is the key to yummy breakfast burrito.
Swedish MeatballsBy CaptBradThe most amazing Swedish Meatballs, easy to make but taste like a gourmet prepared them!
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