Boating Forums

​Clicking on the image of each forum will take you directly to their site. I frequent each of these. If you have suggestions for additional sites, please use our contact page to send them along! 

​Trawler Forum

The go-to forum for all things Trawler Cruising related. Excellent discussion and learning. Lots of "Old Salts" with exceptional experience.

​Cruisers Forum

Cruising Boats, Cruising People. Mostly Sailboat related, but enough overlap to be good for cruising power boaters as well.

​The Hull Truth

Powerboats, Sailboats, and Fishing People

America's Great Loop Cruisers Association

​This a  paid membership site, but the information for anyone even considering the Great Loop is "must see"

​Marine Trawlers Owners Association

Another paid membership site, but again, very worthwhile for anyone with a Cruising Trawler who wants great info and to meet like-minded cruisers.

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