Care And Cleaning

Cleaning the boat

A necessary evil of all boat ownership; but it doesn't have to be a chore. In fact, lots of boat owner look at caring for their boat as a labor of love. Regardless of which end of the spectrum you find yourself, these few pages will help you find the information you need to keep your water adventure craft ready for the next adventure! 

I'm not going to insult your intelligence by talking about how to wash a boat. My hope is everyone knows the basics. Here's 3  tips I've learned about the hard way. 

  1. Avoid putting any type of deck or boat cleaner on a dry surface and scrubbing. This tends to scratch with the dirt you're trying to remove. Always give things a quick rinse with clean water first; then have at it with the cleaners. 
  2. When doing a final rinse on your boat, don't use a high pressure nozzle. Instead, use the hose with no nozzle and let sheets of water rinse your boat. Less chance for water spots and streaking. 
  3. It is worth it to invest in a quality scrub and cleaning brush. Just spend the amount you feel is worth the finish on your boat. Cheap brushes leave scratches and can damage your finish. Think of it as another investment in the expense of your boat. 
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