Galley Gadgets

Here are some of our favorite galley gadgets used on our boat. Site support comes from affiliate links which cost you nothing extra, but help us out. Thanks for your support!

  • A pressure cooker that heats on a burner is a great addition if you have room for it. You can cook anything you might normally do in a slow cooker with the same recipes, but cook in less than a hour instead of waiting for hours. Pressure cookers can also do rice very well. You can use the pot to brown meat, then use the pressure feature to cook it through in no time. The large pot of a pressure cooker can simmer soups, used to heat water for doing the dishes, and reheat pre-cooked Silicone Cooking Pouches of rice or pasta. Think outside the box!
  • A flat grater. If you shred potatoes prior to cooking them, you can make easy mashed potatoes in the microwave, or with minimal cooking on the stove top prior to mashing them. Cheese stores longer in a large block and then shred as needed. Bringing butter on in a frozen stick and then using a shredder to take off what you need for sauteing is safer than cutting frozen butter and the butter stores longer.
  • Collapsible Silicone bowls for mixing. The storage benefits are readily clear and if you get ones that aren't cheap, they will hold up and are very versatile. Some people will feel comfortable using them to serve food as well, which is a bonus.
  • Collapsible Silicone Strainer. 
  • If you bake on your boat, buy reusable silicone baking mats in place of rolls parchment paper that create trash and take up more space.
  • Hanging mesh tiered baskets. Great for storing fragile fruits and vegetables and increases storage for other items when not used for food. A Potato Sock is an excellent way to keep potatoes longer and stores anywhere in the boat you can hang it.
  • Simple Spray Bottles. Use one of these to hold premixed soap and water for misting and washing dishes, and another with clean water to rinse with. Saves water both ways.
  • Heat Diffuser for Gas Stoves. This is a must for heating sauces and keeping things warm on stoves with difficulty adjusting low flames.
  • Adjustable Measuring Spoons and Collapsible Measuring Cups. Great space savers
  • Mesh Lingerie wash bags. These are great for cleaning and storing fruits and vegetables, straining items, and hanging things to dry. Not just for clothes!
  • If you have room, this Hand Powered Food Processor makes a nice addition, allows you to be more creative with mixing and chopping.
  • Magnet Strips. These can hold all kinds of knives and other kitchen tools safely within easy reach.
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