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How To Handle Hurricanes And Other Life Changing Events

I’m not going to tell you how to boat through a hurricane, or how to secure your boat or prepare for bad weather. I have something else in mind here.


“A leaf becomes a starfish” (photo by Bradford Chase wanderingpixels.com)


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My father helped me restore an old wooden boat when I was in Junior High School, then taught me how to sail it. I was hooked forever. The other gift he provided was a love of cooking, which I've tried to build upon over the years. I've spent most of my life owning a boat of some kind or another from dinghy's to larger sailing and motor vessels. I enjoy sharing my love of water and my love of cooking with fellow travelers who have a like-mindedness. I believe life is difficult enough, so why not help lift others up whenever possible; share a smile and a good story every now and then.

M/V DreamChaser 40ft Marine Trader Sundeck

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