Media Crema

media crema

Many of us want to make recipes with great taste while away from easy access to refrigerated creams, milks, or butter. 

Enter Media Crema! 

Not to be confused with evaporated or condensed milk, media crema is a light cream, canned or boxed and found on the grocery aisle, typically in the latin american or mexican food section. No refrigeration needed. It can store  anywhere unopened for at least 6 months (it does need to go into a cooler or cold space once opened, however). 

You can use it in place of regular milk in any recipe that calls for milk and then find yourself surprised at how much better you recipe tastes! It makes macaroni and cheese much better. It is great for making creamy soups and adds body to your clam chowder or potatoe soup. Fettuccine Alfredo anyone? How about a quiche? Scalloped potatoes with creamy cheese sauce? 

I think  you get the picture. 

Here are some of the recipes on our site that you can easily substitute media crema for refrigerated milk, cream, or butter. 

  • Potato Soup
  • Macaroni and Cheese
  • Scalloped Potatoes
  • French Toast

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